Confidentiality and secure trade

Our site is completely encrypted via the SSL protocol (recalled by the small green padlock in the address bar of your internet browser). Therefore, all exchanges of information concerning your contact information (addresses, password of the customer account of the site ...) can not be intercepted by a third party.

This same encryption is applied by the bank during your payment by credit card.

All your personal data entered for the successful realization of the order remain strictly confidential to our services and will never be transmitted or resold to third parties. Only your mailing address and telephone will be delivered to the carrier so that he can deliver you correctly. Carriers agree to never disclose your contact information.


Security of payments by credit card

Credit card payment is provided :

  • Either by Crédit Agricole's E-Transactions system with the mandatory 3D Secure option, which guarantees both the customer and the merchant on potential fraud.

    Specifically, at the time of payment, you will be asked for the credit card number, the expiry date and the 3-digit security code. You will then be contacted by your bank, who will ask you to provide an additional security element 3D Secure as a date of birth or a number that will have been sent to you by SMS by your bank or any other information that only your bank and you know.

    All these exchanges are encrypted by the SSL protocol recalled by the small green padlock in the address bar of your Internet browser.

  • Either by PayPal if you choose not to pay with your Paypal account.


Credit card debit

To validate the reservation or the supply of your scores, your credit card is debited to the order. If one or more scores could not be sent to you, we can re-credit all or part of the banking transaction (at no time do we know the details of the banking transaction).

Similarly, in case of return of your articles, we can proceed directly to the total or partial reimbursement of this banking transaction.


Payment by PayPal

PayPal payment allows you to use your Paypal account without having to communicate the number of your credit card when you buy. To create and administer your PayPal account, please visit


Check or bank transfer payment

Your order is taken into account and goes into treatment upon receipt of your check or your transfer.

Payment by check is accepted if your billing address is located in metropolitan France, in Monaco or in an overseas department. Your bank must also be domiciled in metropolitan France, in Monaco or in an overseas department.

For large orders paid by check, our accounting department reserves the right to add an additional 15 days before the order is dispatched.


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