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Amet, Franck

A different approach to scales

Clarinet Edition


Instrument : Clarinette
Editor Reference : CE.FA.T1


For solo clarinet.

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This exercise book has been written for advanced students and proficient clarinettists. It aims to offer a different and less traditional approach to the practice of scales. During his compelling lessons, my mentor Richard Vieille would enjoy using the Latin phrase "Bis idem repetita non placent" (“That which is twice repeated pleases not”). And in truth this phrase reflects well the way we play scales, very often as a matter of routine. “A different approach to scales” will help acquire alternative reading habits and possibly less expected fingerings while still playing the same intervals. It is organised in four parts: - Conjunct motion - Various chords - Whole-tone scales - Chromaticism including a few excerpts Do we need to recall what makes for best practice? regular finger work, absolute legato, a steady tempo, homogeneous sound when changing register and of course intonation and purity of sound

AuthorAmet, Franck
Style/TypeRange Excercises

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